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Frontend engineer
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Remote position
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Minimum $160,000
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Climate companies
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Female manager
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3+ weeks of PTO
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1-500 employees
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Unlike other job platforms, we never guess your gender, race, or ethnicity.
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It’s easier than ever to send and receive messages from recruiters. Use quick replies to instantly respond to interested recruiters, and supercharge your profile to be seen at the top of recruiters’ searches.

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use Untapped

Our all-in-one recruiting platform helps companies recruit diverse teams with confidence, reduce time to hire, and uncover biases in the process.

Robust profiles

With 40% more robust profiles than LinkedIn, candidates are easier to find on Untapped than any other platform.

Untapped talent

We enable recruiters to look beyond the typical filters of school and experience leading to a more equitable hiring process.

Engaged communities

Talk to recruiters before you apply. Engage in professional communities and join events hosted by your dream companies.

Changing the way companies hire

We offer tips on how to establish inclusive hiring practices, ways to reduce bias, and strategies to find potential untapped candidates.


Five Five stars review of untapped

I get so many messages from recruiters. It has given me hope and helped me build confidence.

Oliver J.
Backend Engineer
Five Five stars review of untapped

Applying to jobs is a quick, efficient, and hassle-free process. Untapped is much easier to use compared to other websites.

Lucy A.
Software Engineering Intern
Five Five stars review of untapped

Untapped is the place for people who don’t fit the status quo of a candidate. It’s great for underrepresented communities like mine.

Emmanuel A.
Senior Product Designer
Five Five stars review of untapped

It’s cool that recruiters and job seekers can connect and talk to each other. I've gotten so many opportunities from Untapped.

Niharika J.
Product Marketing Manager

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