Diversity Analytics

Uncover diversity disparities, identify biases, and track progress to hit DE&I goals with confidence with Untapped's diversity analytics.

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Turn insights into action with full-funnel analytics

Optimize your recruiting process by cutting, slicing, and dicing the data depending on the insights your organization is looking for. Plus, drill down to view analytics for individual candidates, job postings, or events to hone in on the most relevant insights.

Make impactful decisions with data you can trust: Self-reported data

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Move away from inferred data to get high fidelity on how candidates identify themselves. Untapped lets applicants tell you who they are instead of making biased and false assumptions.

Discover diversity disparities throughout your hiring funnel

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Understand, track, and visualize how candidates progress through each stage of your hiring process to pinpoint disparities.

Understand where you are in the diversity hiring journey

Reveal the demographic, experiential, and cognitive diversity of inbound applicants with over 75 self-report data points to keep a pulse on your diversity gap.
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Identify how you compare to organizations similar in size and industry

Benchmark your pipeline recruitment analytics against other companies in similar industries and sizes using Diversity Benchmarks. You can view at a glance how your top-of-funnel compares grouped by ethnicity or gender to confidently set DE&I goals.
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Emily Cardner
“This platform has changed the way we recruit because we’re now able to source on inbounds based on different skill sets, ethnicity, gender, interests, year in school, location preference—all different things that we can filter on now. This allows us to be much more strategic with our time.”
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Stop setting diversity goals.
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