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Quickly and efficiently source Gen Z candidates by unlocking the power of our talent pool of nearly one million searchable profiles.

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Build an equitable talent pipeline with our talent sourcing platform

Instantly discover a new pool of qualified applicants by easily filtering through 75+ data points including demographic, experiential, and cognitive diversity. Create a more inclusive pipeline by sourcing candidates who attended HBCUs/HSIs, Tribal Colleges and Universities, AAPI Serving Institutions, Women’s Colleges, graduated from a Bootcamp, and more. Unlock the benefits of a sourcing platform built for recruiters.
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Develop authentic connections with qualified talent

Increase your outbound recruiting response rates by connecting with our highly engaged pool of early talent job seekers. Manage conversations at scale by leveraging our candidate sourcing platform with tools like messaging, events, and communities to build authentic connections. Learn more about the benefits of talent sourcing software.
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Hire your most diverse class of interns with early talent sourcing

Source from nearly one million enriched candidate profiles complete with self-reported diversity data so you can build a diverse early talent program. 70% of job seekers in our talent pool identify as a member of an underrepresented group. Utilize our talent sourcing solution to reduce time to hire and build a representative workforce.
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Demonstrate your commitment to sourcing diverse teams

Get intentional with your diversity hiring and sourcing efforts. Startups to Fortune 500 companies are using Untapped as their candidate sourcing solution to recruit historically marginalized talent, rethink job qualifications and enhance employer branding.
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Kristen Dauler
“We spend 90% of our time on their software versus our ATS as it gives us so much more candidate information to work off of. We also send candidate profiles and information to hiring managers, who help assess talent and source directly on their platform. Now, our hiring managers are all asking for seats on their platform instead of being in Lever.”
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