Talent Communities

Talent communities are the future of hiring. Harness the power of community to authentically engage with talent, save time, and amplify your employer brand and open roles.

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group of people putting a giant puzzle together

Connect authentically to keep conversations going

Invite potential candidates to exclusive and curated private communities, or reach the entire talent network with a public community. Nurture both active and passive talent all year round.
example of a talent community user interface with adobe

Interact with groups of talent in seconds flat— wherever you are

Continually share open roles, update folks on processes, publicize company news, ask or answer questions, and more. Think of your community as a targeted social channel.
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Keep your brand top of mind all year round

Create a community of mega-evangelists by bringing together groups of talent to meet, connect, and help one another—all under the umbrella that is your org.
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Ready to stop talking about diversity recruitment and start doing it?

Contact us to design a custom diversity hiring solution for your business.
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