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Run engaging, relevant, and impactful experiences with our end-to-end event solution to maximize your ROI. Essential for virtual, physical, and hybrid events.

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Customize your events to make a great impression

Create robust event pages to highlight your talent brand. You’ll also have full control over invites, pages, photo galleries, agendas, speaker overviews, and more for every event.
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Scale your events strategy and reach new audiences with ease

Attract untapped talent by promoting your events to over 300,000 candidates directly on our platform to expand your reach and grow RSVPs. It’s as simple as a couple of clicks.
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Manage events end-to-end, all on one platform

Streamline your entire event management process from creating events to sending bulk invites, to automating post-event follow-ups. Plus, create, run, and duplicate fully-branded events in minutes, not days.
Event management with customized emails.

Measure the impact of every event on your hiring funnel

Each event includes an Analytics page so you’ll be able to see the impact of your event strategy on your hiring funnel—from invites, RSVPs, and attendance, to closing a hire. You can also reveal the diversity of RSVPs and attendees by filtering off self-reported data points to optimize your promotional strategy in real-time.
ATS Candidate Analytics
Testimonial author profile
Dietrick Franklin
University Recruiter @ Lyft
“Their events is a useful tool… it helped interns connect with Lyft, even remotely. We hosted “Meet Your Recruiter” webinar sessions. Providing candidates insight into Lyft’s mission & values, as well as tips & tricks for our interview process, created an amazing candidate experience, even from far away!”
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