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Top 5 Diversity Recruiting Tools and Resources of 2022

Is your goal for 2022 to increase the diversity in your organization? If so, you may have already realized that this can be a huge undertaking—especially if this is the first time that you have committed to recruiting employees from untapped backgrounds. However, just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean you can’t find help to make the process much easier. In fact, whether you need help writing job advertisements that will attract top talent, searching for candidates, or creating brand awareness among underrepresented groups, the following diversity recruiting tools can help make your job easier as you execute your diversity hiring plan. 

Best 5 Diversity Recruiting Tools and Resources of 2022

1. Textio

Using the data of over 300 million job posts, Textio analyzes every job advertisement you write and gives you a score on how inclusive it is based on the text and tone of the ad. With this language performance data, recruiters can get guidance on how to edit a job post to include words that untapped groups are most likely to respond to, while omitting language that telegraphs potential bias. In addition, Textio can predict how successful your job post will likely be, as well as how long it will take for you to fill the position. 

2. Forbes DE&I Section

If you're looking for research, best practices and great examples of how other companies have been successful with their DE&I practices, the Forbes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion section is the perfect place to start. Another piece of content you'll want to refer to is their America's Best Employers for Diversity in 2020 report. They release this report each year and it's helpful to see which companies are the leaders in this space. 

3. Jopwell

Jopwell is a tool that allows professionals in the LatinX, Black, and Native American communities to get the resources they need to help them advance in their careers. As a recruiter, you can partner with this platform in order to engage these talent communities and create brand awareness among prospective workers as an organization that embraces diversity and inclusion.

4. Toggl Hire

Although you may go into your diversity recruitment efforts with every intention of considering all job applicants fairly, there is still a possibility that unconscious bias will cloud the process and possibly alienate great candidates from different backgrounds. Toggl Hire is a blind screening diversity recruiting tool that addresses this problem by evaluating candidates on job-related skills before you even have the chance to review resumes and cover letters. In order to do this, the program administers a quiz to potential hires, which takes about five to ten minutes to complete, designed to test candidates’ skills and create a shortlist of people to move into the next step of the hiring funnel.

No matter what diversity recruiting tools you choose, it’s important to measure the results you’re getting with your efforts. Before using any program, you should go into your diversity recruiting with goals in mind and an action plan that will help you meet them. That way, you can determine if the tools you use are meeting your specific needs. Remember that tools are meant to enhance your efforts, but they’re only as good as the diversity recruitment plan you create for your company and the follow up you do to ensure you’re on target.

5. Untapped

Untapped is a diversity recruiting platform that helps talent acquisition teams effectively make hires at all levels. We do this by providing you with robust filtering off 75+ self-reported candidate data points, inclusive sourcing from a shared talent pool, and full pipeline analytics—so you can make diversity a part of how your team thinks every day. 

Don’t just check the boxes to make diversity hiring a gratuitous gesture. Eliminate your diversity debt. And make meaningful progress towards building a more inclusive workforce with Untapped. 

Hundreds of company partners are using our platform to connect, source, and engage top underrepresented talent, and even more are already a part of our Communities.

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