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Set, Track, and Hit Diversity Hiring Goals With Untapped's Diversity Analytics

The biggest problem in recruiting isn’t talent, opportunity, or pipeline. It is data. 

Traditionally, recruitment processes were mainly based on guesswork and intuition. Talent teams could only assume that their hiring methods were effective. This old-fashioned approach not only led to wasted time and resources, but it has also led to the lack of diversity in our workplaces. 

Fast forward to 2022—there’s more pressure than ever before for companies to “walk the walk” and diversify their workforces. But in order to move the needle on diversity hiring, companies must embrace a data brave mindset. In other words, you need to have a rich understanding of your company’s demographics to better prioritize where to direct equity efforts. 

If you’re using Untapped, then you’re in luck. Recruiters can set, track, and hit recruitment goals with Untapped's Diversity Analytics by putting diversity at the forefront of your hiring initiatives.

How Diversity Analytics works

Diversity Analytics is an extensive data and visualization layer to uncover diversity disparities, identify biases, and track progress in real-time. You’ll finally be able to stop guessing with it comes to diversity so you can hit DE&I hiring goals with confidence.

How does it work? 

Step 1: Connect

Connect your ATS with our bi-directional integration to unlock 100% self-reported data on your applicants.

Step 2: Set

Identify diversity gaps at the top of funnel to know where you stand and set clear DE&I goals. 

Step 3: Track

Track underrepresentation at every stage of your hiring process and correct for them in real-time. 

Step 4: Hit

Flex your progress and prove the ROI on your diversity hiring programs with robust analytics and dashboards.

Here’s why you and your team need Untapped's Diversity Analytics

Move away from inferred data to get reliable insights

Without the right data and technology in place, the journey to building a more diverse workforce will be bumpy. While some companies and tools resort to inferred data, Untapped lets applicants tell you who they are instead of taking a color-blind approach in making biased and false assumptions. 

With Untapped, you get 100% self-reported diversity data in real-time, at each stage of the hiring process, so that you know who's applying, progressing, and getting hired. You and your team can finally stop guessing when it comes to diversity. 

Know where you stand on your diversity hiring journey

The start of any DE&I journey is what gets measured and what gets done. Our platform's analytics dashboard helps you unveil, visualize, and understand what your candidate pipeline looks like so you can level-set on where you are in the diversity hiring journey. From demographic to experiential to cognitive diversity, you’ll be able to filter off over 75 self-reported data points with an 87% completion rate to immediately see where you stand.

Unlike before, you and your team will be able to optimize how your team builds equitable top-of-funnel pipelines, how to measure the impact of your efforts, and how to consistently hit your DE&I goals in a crowded marketplace.

Set realistic expectations and diversity hiring goals 

There is little to no public information on where most companies are at with diversity hiring initiatives. This lack of insight leaves many recruiters, especially those just starting their DE&I programs, wondering how their pipelines stack up to industry averages and standards.

With our diversity benchmarks, you and your team can look at your own diversity hiring metrics relative to companies in similar industries and sizes to see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Recruiters will be able to view at a glance how your top-of-funnel compares grouped by ethnicity or gender from the analytics dashboard. 

It’s time to confidently establish baselines, define best practices, and prioritize improvement opportunities so you can set clear long- and short-term DE&I goals. 

Turn insights into action with full-funnel analytics 

Data is not much help without the right analysis. While “paralysis by analysis” is a thing, Untapped provides you with the relevant data to gain actionable insights and make well-informed decisions on your hiring strategies. 

You can easily cut, slice, and dice data depending on the insights your organization is looking for. Plus, hone in on the most actionable insights by drilling down to view analytics for individual candidates, job postings, or events. Your team will be able to optimize your efforts at each stage of the hiring process to successfully move the needle on diversity hiring. 

Demonstrate the ROI of your recruiting programs 

If you’re going to make your recruitment program the best it can be, you need concrete, measurable goals and solid data that shows whether you’re meeting them. This includes proving that your sourcing efforts are paying off, that the recruiting events have resulted in X hires from under-included groups, and that your efforts have led to a more diverse workforce. 

Diversity Analytics is designed to help you with all that and more to understand how you’re impacting the business. See all of your recruiting metrics and in-depth insights in real-time and quickly pull reports to prove your ROI.

In the world of recruiting, knowledge isn’t just power. Knowledge is performance. Make sure that you know exactly how diverse your pipelines are so you can uncover diversity disparities, identify biases, and track progress to hit DE&I hiring goals with confidence.

Interested in learning more about how Diversity Analytics can give you the visibility and control to hire diverse teams—faster?

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