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Tips for Virtually Recruiting New Hires

With the COVID-19 pandemic making large gatherings unsafe, many companies and universities have been forced to cancel job fairs and in-person recruiting events. Thankfully, modern-day technology has created new possibilities for virtual recruiting and onboarding. Although digitally selecting and hiring new employees is more accessible, attracting top talent can be troublesome during economic downturns.

Below are some useful recommendations to help give your virtual recruiting process a boost in finding qualified applicants for your job positions! 

Offer Attractive Benefits 

Keep in mind that when assessing potential employers, many job seekers could value the benefits you offer just as much as the starting salary. Some may even say that the available perks were their top reason for applying to your company. That’s because the right mix of benefits and perks can make your online recruiting more effective.

Besides health insurance, benefits like free gym memberships, on-site catering, flexible work arrangements, or additional education opportunities can attract highly qualified candidates. Ultimately, new hires want to feel valued, and the smallest advantages can make a huge difference in job satisfaction, especially when it comes to their financial wellness. Some services offer banking solutions that allow employees to receive their paychecks up to two days early and others that help solely with keeping money systemized. A little perk like this can enable new hires to manage their finances easier, which many may find helpful. While a paycheck is beneficial, prospective new employees may appreciate the extra support you offer more than the initial income.  

Connect with Applicants 

Without meeting face-to-face, it can be challenging to get to know someone outside of work. The same can be said for prospective employees that are currently in the interview process. To avoid that problem, make an effort to reach out to potential new hires. This communication could include a direct message, one-on-one meetings, or even hosting a virtual social hour to help applicants get to know their interviewers and possible co-workers better. 

Proactively connecting with candidates shows them that they are valuable to your company. It also gives applicants a more human view of your hiring process. Video interviews and phone screenings can seem impersonal and distant. However, by taking the time to get to know your prospective employees outside of an interview, you can make a better impression while also learning more about their interests and motivations. 

Provide Job Shadowing Opportunities 

Since there are few chances to attend a recruiting event or job fair, you may need to find other avenues to attract talent. One such option could be starting an off-site job shadowing program to allow potential candidates the opportunity to learn more about different positions and your company as a whole without physically visiting your office. 

This virtual event could include a panel of current employees hosting a Q&A session for prospective new hires or allowing candidates to interview staff members about the company. You can even consider including presentations on what a typical workday looks like and a digital office tour so applicants can get an idea of what the company facilities look like. 

Additionally, with most video conferencing platforms, you can include a session of breakout rooms for attendees to have an opportunity to connect with potential supervisors. Whatever you decide to include in your job shadowing program, ensure that your event showcases your company’s culture and the value you place on your employees’ wellbeing. 

Utilize Personality Tests 

Over the last few years, personality tests have been incorporated into an employees’ application process and have become quite popular in the recruiting community. With the recent increase in off-site work arrangements, more HR departments have also started using this recruiting tool. It’s not only a great way to learn more about your prospective employees’ preferences but also an enjoyable next step for most candidates to do after submitting their resumes. 

Before picking, take the time to research available personality test options and consider which one will be the best fit for the position you’re trying to fill. For example, if you are looking to hire customer service representatives, it could be beneficial to use a test focused on an applicant’s empathy and patience. Remember, while a personality test is a great way to get a feel for a recruit’s mentality, it shouldn’t be the main determining factor in your selection process. 

While virtual recruitment strategies can be tricky to manage at first, there are ways you can make your endeavors more effective. Offering attractive benefits, proactively messaging applicants, offering job shadowing, and personality testing can make your interview process more productive. It also takes time and patience to refine your approach and learn which recruitment efforts work best when attracting qualified applicants to your company.

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