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Evaluate Candidates More Quickly and with More Confidence with the Untapped Job Questionnaire

When a candidate applies to a job on Untapped, their full candidate profile with over 75 data points is shared directly to your Untapped Recruiter dashboard. There you can filter for specific skills and traits, learn more about them, and action on them to begin the hiring process. But in order to drill down into the specifics of what could make them great for your open role, you might have more unique questions you want to ask them. 

That’s where Untapped's customizable Job Questionnaire comes in. Simply select, or write in, the questions you want to know about, and they’ll be asked of every single applicant who applies to your job posting. Once the responses are submitted, you can search and filter off of these additional answers to narrow down your search to only the top, most highly relevant talent. 

Each Job Questionnaire can be customized with any number of questions. First, start with the basics to make sure the fundamentals are covered with every application. Answers to these basic questions will be saved directly to a candidate’s profile, and will never be asked twice if someone has already filled them out. That means that you could be filtering off of data points that were requested on a Job Questionnaire by another partner—that’s part of the magic of the collaborative talent marketplace on Untapped. 

Next, move on to some bigger, yet still standard, questions. You might request that candidates attach the most recent version of their resume, specify their preferred working location, or add certain skills they have. These responses will also be saved directly to the candidate profile, and they will be filterable in your Untapped dashboard from the job overview page. 

Finally, take the next step to customize your questionnaire with the custom question option. Pose questions that are specific to your org, or to the role at hand; things that only matter to you and your org. The responses to these questions will be private to your team and will not be saved anywhere on a candidate’s profile. Other partners on the platform will not have access to this information, so you can feel comfortable asking anything specific, timely, or sharing information about your company within the Questionnaire.

The best part about the Job Questionnaire is that it’s available to any candidate, on or off the Untapped platform. The job application process is now available to candidates without Untapped profiles, or even accounts. All talent can access and apply to your job postings in just a few steps, and they’ll all be asked to fill out the Job Questionnaire before completing the application. Simply toggle over to the Preview tab in your form builder to see what they will see.

The questions you ask on the Questionnaire will then be turned into the beginnings of a Untapped profile, if the applicant so chooses. That means all qualified talent everywhere can find and apply to your jobs, and you’ll have all the information you need to evaluate them—quickly, and with confidence.

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