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Untapped News: Untapped Joins Forces with Podium to Elevate Your Career Journey

We're excited to announce a groundbreaking milestone in our journey: Untapped has been acquired by Podium Education, the nation's fastest-growing experiential education company. This strategic move marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize early career talent acquisition and close the gap between education and employment.

At Untapped, our mission has always been to connect students with transformative career opportunities, and joining forces with Podium Education allows us to amplify that mission on a larger scale. Together with Podium, we aim to provide students, regardless of their majors, with access to in-demand skills, real-world experience, and direct connections to fulfilling careers. 

Independently, Untapped has supported 730,000+ early career candidates and has brokered over 50,000 job placements in the past 6 years. By joining Podium, our customers will now be able to engage directly with undergrads in the classroom and to scale early career recruitment at universities across the nation. Under the expanded brand, students will enjoy the benefit of showcasing their resumes to leading employers and having access to more potential career opportunities.

Untapped’s co-founders, Adam Gefkovicz and Tariq Meyers, will join Podium’s executive team to expand our employer network and enhance our platform's offerings.

For more information, check out the announcement here.

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