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5 Examples of Virtual Recruiting Events for Ideas & Inspiration

It's probably not the first time you've heard that virtual recruiting events can be a great way to attract great candidates.

It’s especially important at a time when many places are under some form of COVID-19 restrictions. 

But even for areas that aren’t, virtual recruiting events can be a cost-effective way to connect with qualified applicants in less time than the old ways of recruiting.

Don't worry—you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A lot of virtual recruiting events are already happening, making it easier for you to launch your own.

Are you wondering what some of the best virtual recruiting events look like? 

Check out these virtual recruiting events for inspiration and ideas to plan your next event. 

1. Harvard University Virtual Career Fairs

Harvard has made it easy to connect employers and students via regular virtual career fairs in just about every field:

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Marketing & Media
  • Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship
  • Theater & Entertainment

Long before candidates show up to participate, they can search through the list of organizations participating and get advice on how to maximize the virtual experience.

2. Power to Fly Virtual Job Fair

Power to Fly partners with organizations that value diversity and inclusion and hosts virtual recruiting events to help match top candidates with openings. 

Its current virtual recruiting event includes job opportunities, training, and networking with international organizations including:

  • Moody’s
  • Netskope
  • YouGov

And the process is simple. All participants have to do is register and then show up for the virtual recruiting event’s schedule sessions and participate.

Candidates get access to exclusive presentations by industry experts from these organizations, followed by open-forum Q & A sessions.

3. Eventbrite Virtual Career Fairs

Here’s another innovative way to organize virtual recruiting events without reinventing the wheel. Use event-planning tools like Eventbrite and others.

Try this:

There are 500 virtual career fairs here in every major city. And most are hosted using Eventbrite’s platform, making it easy to set up your own or join an existing event.

4. NYU Virtual Career Fairs

Obviously, these are career fairs aimed at helping NYU students find jobs and connect organizations with top talent.

Similar to Harvard, there are career fairs in a range of fields. But there’s also a virtual career fair and networking event for alumni.

And it’s easier to model this approach than you might think. With our platform, you can host events, making it easy to create your event, simplify the registration process, and host your day-of agenda with job seekers.

5. Nestle’s Ask Me Anything Virtual Event

Ever wonder what job seekers would like to ask your CEO? And what if your CEO just answered those questions candidly?

That’s the approach Nestle used for a recent virtual recruiting event to attract candidates. Set this up as a scheduled live webinar. 

Invite job seekers and interested candidates to register, submit questions, and attend the event.

Then have your CEO, manager, or guest speaker answer questions live on the webinar. It’s a great way to engage job seekers, provide access to leadership, and give potential hires a taste for your company culture, work-life, and day-to-day operations.

Use Virtual Recruiting Events to Find Top Talent

Looking for innovative ways to find top talent and qualified candidates to build your organization? Virtual recruiting events have become a regular part of the hiring process for a lot of organizations. There are already many virtual recruiting events you can be part of. Or use these ideas to create your own.

Hundreds of company partners are using our platform to connect, source, and engage top underrepresented talent, and even more are already a part of our Communities.

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