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Untapped Episode #

How Twilio Finds Untapped Talent and Makes Its Recruiting Process More Inclusive

In this episode:

This week, Andy Gramley from Twilio joins Untapped to discuss how their company is using University Recruiting to attract top diverse early career talent.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Steps Twilio has taken to diversify its hiring process and talent pool
  • How Twilio’s robust hiring engine has baked in a legit focus on DE&I at each stage
  • How to be an ally and show up for other communities and individuals

Our guest:

Andy Gramley

Andy Gramley is Director, Early in Career Recruiting team at Twilio. He has been at Twilio for about 2 years. Prior to Twilio, Andy spent more than 20 years at Microsoft where he recruited Industry Talent and Microsoft Researchers during the early part of his tenure there and then spent the next 18+ years on the University Recruiting team where he managed sourcing teams, international recruiting teams, and also worked closely with the Microsoft engineering teams to define their global workforce plans as it relates to University hiring. Andy is drawn to the amazing culture and great EIC team at Twilio as well as the opportunity to build EIC programs that can scale with the company's accelerated growth.