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Untapped Episode #

Rethink Your Approach To First-Generation And Diversity Recruitment

In this episode:

This week on Untapped, Daniel Botero, Founder of Mastering College To Career, discusses ways companies can rethink how they recruit first-generation early career candidates in order to solve the problem on both the recruitment and the candidate sides of the coin.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What recruiters and companies can be doing to hire diverse teams, especially first-gen & historically underrepresented college students.
  • Specific barriers and challenges that first-generation students face during their job search that recruiters and talent leaders should be aware of.
  • Ways companies can support first-generation employees or historically underrepresented college students once they are hired
  • How the current way we measure success hurts first-generation, underrepresented students
  • What GenZ wants and values in an organization
  • How GenZ and Millennials differ from one another

Our guest:

Daniel Botero

Daniel Botero has dedicated himself to showing 1st generation, minority, and international college students the path to their dream job through his company, “Mastering College to Career.” Daniel used to be a Lead Campus Recruiter for Pepsi. Daniel is a national best-selling author and host of a top-rated podcast of Mastering College to Career. Through his mentorship programs, Daniel has helped thousands of his students land jobs with top companies such as Google, Amazon, Disney, Deloitte, Lockheed Martin, and hundreds more Leading by example, Daniel is a picture of success through determination. Having come to this country as a child with two suitcases, little money, and some big dreams, he turned his challenges into opportunities. Daniel graduated college in four years with two majors, bought his first home at 23, and paid off more than $20,000 in student debt. As a speaker who has addressed students from over 100 Universities and reached thousands of young people, Daniel is thrilled to be living his dream by helping others to achieve theirs.

Grit is the number one indicator of success. It's not GPA, it's not IQ, it's not EQ, right? And imagine if instead of a GPA, there was a grit score that could go along with your resume, right? And you can say, well, if you went to community college, that gives you some grit. All right. If you work your way through college, they give you some grit. If you're raised by a single mother that gives you some grit. If you start at working before you turned 21, that gives you some grit, right? If there's just different things that you can do like, if you took more than 21 credits this semester, that gives you some grit, right? I wish there was like a grit score.