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Untapped Episode #

Building An Inclusive Recruitment Strategy By Removing Barriers To Entry with Emily Cardner from MongoDB

In this episode:

This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Emily Cardner, Senior Manager, Campus & Recruiting Programs at MongoDB about how to remove barriers to entry when recruiting untapped talent.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s not about "lowering the hiring bar"—it’s about extending the bar
  • What GenZ candidates value today and want from their employers
  • What are some tools and tactics that help eliminate imposter syndrome of historically overlooked talent
  • What recruitment experiences have changed since the pandemic

Our guest:

Emily Cardner

Emily Cardner is the former Senior Manager of Campus and Recruiting Programs at MongoDB and now current Head of People at Viam. She is passionate about building new programs, helping students navigate the jump from academia to industry, and increasing diversity and inclusion efforts within tech.

Let's extend the bar to include more people into that. And it's not lowering the bar, it's changing what that bar and that landscape is. And if we extend the hiring bar to folks who are first generation college students, amidst a slew of other things, we could really have an amazing diverse workforce that's bringing things to the table and judging them based on their aptitude and not what they've done.