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Untapped Episode #

Making Your Company a Place Where Non-Binary Folks Can Thrive

In this episode:

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with one of our Software Developers, Kassian Eaton, who shares their experience being non-binary in a heavily gendered industry. We discuss ways organizations can foster non-binary inclusion and create a place where the LGBTQIA+ community can do their best work.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What companies can do for the LGBTQIA+ community to create an inclusive and welcoming interview process
  • The power of a name
  • Administrative and day-to-day challenges that talent teams need to consider when creating an environment that is set up for everyone  
  • How to best operate if you misgender someone
  • How working from home can provide some relief for the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Deep inequities that exist in the office setting that doesn’t happen at home
  • One thing talent leaders can do to support the trans community

Our guest:

Kassian Eaton

Kassian is a software developer at Canvas. They are a white, queer, nonbinary person, who in their spare time loves running and volunteering for a tenants rights organization.

Setting up your environment before a trans person walks in the door is pretty vital. But through the interview process, being very open about where people's names are going, where these things are being shared. And then, in terms of having policies in place, if someone transitions on the job, people being educated on what is an appropriate conversation and what is not an appropriate conversation about someone's personal medical history.