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How to Become an Effective DE&I Leader with Sophia Dozier, Diversity and Inclusion Leader at IBM

In this episode:

This week, Sophia Dozier, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Rapid7 and previously from IBM stops by Untapped to chat about her experience as a DE&I leader, how to bring social justice into the workplace, and what senior leadership can do to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What role the business community should play when it comes to social justice issues
  • What you can do about diversity fatigue?
  • How senior leaders can model the right behavior
  • How to be an active ally
  • Why having only one recruiting strategy doesn’t work

Our guest:

Sophia Dozier

Sophia Dozier is a data-driven professional, with a passion for social, economic and racial equality. Supporter of Diversity paired with Inclusion. She helps drive strategy around diversity retention, engagement, leadership development, strategic partnerships and hiring. Sophia is passionate about advocating for mental health. She believes that conversations encompassing mental health, should be common place.

We all have our own experience and history and journey and all of it manifests itself differently. So I'd say for someone that's just moving into D&I, I know you're passionate and I know that you're excited. But just take a step back, listen and learn as you move forward to create and fill in those gaps that you see, make sure that you have representation and voices from all of the communities that you're serving, even if you may be a part of a community yourself.