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Untapped Episode #

The Future of Finding and Nurturing Untapped Talent

In this episode:

This week on Untapped we were joined by Al Dea, a Talent, Leadership, and Workplace Culture Consultant. Al is the founder of Betterwork Labs, where he helps companies attract and develop talent to improve performance and build sustaining organizations. Tariq and Al discuss new ways to discover and nurture underrepresented talent, the expansion of the workplace into a values-driven space, and the unique challenges of working in DE&I.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The importance of mentorship and opening doors for others
  • Tips on creating a more inclusive workplace after COVID-19
  • Innovative ways to find and develop talent in a changing world
  • How to demonstrate company values in a visible and effective way

Our guest:

Al Dea

Al Dea is a speaker, consultant, author, and podcast Host focused on the future of work, leadership, and attracting and retaining talent.

“If I'm an organization that agrees we would like to have a more representative workforce of the actual population, and if I agree that perhaps maybe the efforts I have so far have not risen to the occasion, then I would also want to agree that I might want to think and try new ways to do that, versus using the tried and true playbook of what I've always done because what I've always done hasn't always worked. I think that is the starting point for the conversation.”