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Untapped Episode #

The People Are The Culture with Britteny Soto

In this episode:

This week on Untapped, Tariq Meyers is joined by Britteny Soto, Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition & Enablement at Encamp. Tariq and Britteny discuss how to meet candidates where they are in a time of stress and uncertainty, the importance of accessibility in the workplace for employees 55+ and/or with disabilities, and the misconceptions around "quiet quitting."

In this episode you'll learn:

  • The importance of mental health and trauma-informed recruitment practices after COVID-19
  • Why and how you should bridge the technology gap between generations in the workplace
  • That the best indicator of company culture is how employees live their lives in and outside of work

Our guest:

Britteny Soto

Britteny (Dunson) Soto '10 is the Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition & Enablement for Encamp; a series C Environmental Technology startup that is set out to transform the way organizations handle environmental reporting. Britteny serves as Encamp's first head of Talent & Diversity and is proud to not only have tripled the company's headcount but established processes and best practices that have increased company diversity and retained a 95% offer acceptance rate. Before joining Encamp - Britteny spent her career being many organizations' "first" talent leader spanning industries like CPG (Fairlife Milk), Cannabis (Green Thumb Industries), and even the historic Museum of Science and Industry Chicago. When Britteny isn't hiring the best talent or coaching folx in diversity & inclusion best practices - you can find her crafting with her kiddos ages 9 & 4 taking nature walks with her hubby & pups, strolling with her Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorors or working hard to launch her new Podcast - MissManaged.

"Show me that they have a life outside of the company. Because the people are the culture. Why else would we have a culture, if not for the people?"