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The Rise of People-First Companies with Donald Knight

In this episode:

Tariq is joined this week by Donald Knight, CPO at Greenhouse Software. As a leader in the hiring and recruiting space, Donald shares his valuable insights on how to nurture early-in-career employees to build future leaders, the importance of building community among employees, and the rise of people-first companies.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • What company catfishing is and how your company can avoid it
  • Why you should expand your definition of DEI to include allyship (IDEA)
  • And why the last impression of your company matters even more than the first

Our guest:

Donald Knight

Donald Knight is the CPO at Greenhouse Software. He leads with a people-first mentality hoping to unlock the potential of Greenhouse talent globally. With a laser focus on the connection between people and the processes that serve them, Donald and his team create proximity by building bridges focusing on enhanced experiences that nurture culture and develop people. He is responsible for providing global strategy and leadership in developing, overseeing, and administering people programs. Before Greenhouse, Donald served as Senior Vice President of Global Talent for Edelman, where he helped shape the HR brand as a proactive, insightful, and collaborative solution provider.

What are [a company's] values? Are they words on a wall? Or are they something that they're going to live out? Is it part of the culture they're going to nurture? You're seeing the rise of people-first companies right now. I think those are the companies that you will see that will be on that Fortune 500 list for the 22nd century.