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Keeping It Real With Recruiting and DE&I with HR Veteran Tim Sackett

In this episode:

This week HR expert, Tim Sackett, stopped by to chat about the talent landscape today, trends we are seeing with diversity recruiting, and how SMBs and mid-market organizations can compete with unicorn brands.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where the talent landscape is today, especially in a post-pandemic world
  • Current trends in talent and DEI practices  
  • If you’re not a unicorn brand, how you can compete in this landscape
  • Tim’s suggestions for tackling DE&I for SMBs and mid-market organizations
  • If the great resignation is real and what the future of work looks like

Our guest:

Tim Sackett

Tim Sackett is one of the few HR pros who has been on both sides of the desk. With over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, Tim has worked as a staffing director on the corporate side with companies like Applebee’s International, ShopKo Stores, Inc., and Sparrow Health System. He also has had two stints with HRU – first coming to us directly out of college for eight years, then returning – a la the Prodigal Son – to run HRU after a nine-year sabbatical on the corporate side of the fence. Tim is an active HR blogger, conference presenter, and advocate for a Diet Mountain Dew soda fountain in the office. He truly believes that the most important role of HR in any organization is to increase the talent.

There's so many things that from a D&I perspective, we would do a decade ago, two decades ago that are really still being done and asked for today. We still have this chicken or egg scenario when it comes to really building great D&I, which is do you build it internally first, and then you go out and get the faces to match? Or do you get the faces to match, and then have them be a part of the building process? And people keep trying it both ways and they keep failing.