Untapped's Top DEIB Leaders of 2022

The winners of our 'Walk The Walk' award for top leaders in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging will be announced on Thursday, September 15, 2022!

Untapped's Top DEIB Leaders of 2022 'Walk The Walk' Award

Untapped is on a mission to make the world more equitable by broadening access to transformative careers. This work could not be done without the efforts of the hard-working and phenomenal individuals who are working to advance DEIB.
Untapped’s Top DEIB Leaders of 2022 ‘Walk The Walk’ Award recognizes individuals who “walk the walk” when pushing forward diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within their organizations.
Winners will be announced Thursday, September 15, 2022.
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Who To Nominate

We are looking to recognize individuals who are challenging the status quo and pushing DEIB forward within their organization. These individuals use their voices for good and speak up for what’s right. They aren’t just ‘talking the talk,’ but instead, they ‘walk the walk’ with their actions and behaviors. They make a difference by breaking down barriers and opening doors.
DEIB shouldn't simply be a People and Talent function, so we’d like to recognize any individual driving change. This could be a recruiter, a DEIB professional, a CEO, or a member of another team who demonstrates the above criteria.

How To Nominate

Nominations are now closed and winners will be announced Thursday, September 15, 2022.
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