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5 Ways to Attract Generation Z Employees

Although there is good news that potential talent can easily access information about your employer brand, there is also bad news - this means that negative information is just as easily accessible. It's important to recognize that your company's reputation as an employer can greatly impact your ability to attract top talent, especially among the youngest members of the workforce, such as Gen Z. Therefore, it's essential to establish a strong employer brand in order to attract Generation Z employees. However, the inquisitive nature of Gen Z can also be an advantage, as there are opportunities to promote your employer brand to this demographic and pique their interest in your organization as a potential employer.

What Gen Z Looks For In An Employer Brand

As the workplace evolves, Generation Z is rapidly becoming a dominant force, with ManpowerGroup estimating that they will make up 30 percent of the workforce by 2030. As such, it's crucial for companies to understand the desires and motivations of this new generation of talent, and to ensure that their employer brand aligns with their values. To attract and retain top Gen Z talent, there are five key strategies that companies can use to promote a strong employer brand and optimize their hiring efforts.

1. Social Responsibility

The up-and-coming generation of talent is eager to work for companies that are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities. Early career candidates are passionate about making a difference and seek out organizations that share their values. A strong commitment to social responsibility is an essential factor in attracting this talent, as it not only aligns with their personal beliefs, but also enhances the appeal of potential employers.

2. Equitable Pay and Comprehensive Benefits

A key aspect of recruiting Generation Z with a compelling employer brand is a commitment to fair compensation and comprehensive benefits for all employees. For early career talent, in particular, this is a non-negotiable factor in considering potential employers. They expect to be valued and compensated fairly for their contributions, and they won't settle for less. Age or experience should not be factors that result in subpar pay and benefits. Additionally, these candidates prioritize benefits that cater to their well-being, such as mental health resources and work-life balance initiatives, and are unlikely to consider employers who do not prioritize these aspects.

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3. Development and Advancement 

Early career professionals prioritize opportunities for growth and learning in their positions. They seek out employers who provide the necessary resources to help them progress in their careers. To attract this talent, your employer brand must showcase a strong commitment to fostering learning and development. This can be achieved through providing training that builds their skills, financial support that enables them to pursue advanced degrees or certifications, and mentorship programs that offer guidance from seasoned professionals. By demonstrating a willingness to invest in the growth of your employees, you can attract and retain top early career talent who are motivated to succeed and advance within your organization.

4. Authentic Workplace Connections 

Despite their digital prowess and comfort with technology, Gen Z highly values personal connections and authentic workplace relationships. Research has shown that 90% of this generation prefers to work in environments where they can connect with colleagues on a human level. They prioritize opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and effective communication. Additionally, Gen Z candidates expect to feel connected during the interview process. 

According to our Early Talent Sentiment Report, which surveyed nearly 800 Gen Z job and internship seekers, 77% of interviewees emphasized the importance of community throughout the job search process, recognizing the value of tips and insights from their peers.

By fostering genuine connections and creating a welcoming and supportive environment, employers can attract and retain top talent from this generation.

5. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The modern workplace has made great strides in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, with increasing representation in our workforce. As the most diverse generation yet, Gen Z places significant value on this issue and regards it as a key factor in their employment decisions. For this reason, it is essential for your employer brand to reflect the diversity of the community and make a concerted effort to recruit from underrepresented backgrounds. 

By being transparent about your diversity data and actively celebrating your progress in this area, you can demonstrate your commitment to creating a workplace that is truly inclusive and welcoming to all. Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your employer brand can attract top talent from this generation who value an inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

What Gen Z Brings to the Workplace

Creating a strong employer brand that resonates with younger talent, and understanding how to attract young talent to your company, may seem like an overwhelming task, but the effort can yield significant dividends in early talent recruitment and achieving hiring success. While there are numerous myths about Gen Z, many of these are simply untrue or exaggerated. It's important to avoid making assumptions based on incomplete or inaccurate information, and instead take the time to understand the unique characteristics of this generation. 

One important characteristic of this cohort is their remarkable technology savvy, having grown up with computers and a familiarity with cutting-edge tools that can benefit your company. Additionally, Gen Z brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the table, with many having already gained experience running businesses in the gig economy long before they enter the workforce. This mindset fosters a strong sense of accountability, pride in their work, and the ability to work independently.

Promoting your employer brand effectively is paramount when seeking to recruit Gen Z talent. These workers have clear ideas of what they want in an employer, and so it's essential to present your company in the best possible light to secure the top talent you seek. By doing so, you can tap into the unique strengths and perspectives of Gen Z, creating a dynamic and successful workforce.

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