The Early Talent Sentiment Report

Internship & First Job Seekers Tell All

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Early Talent Sentiment Report


Get insights to attract Early In Career talent and shape meaningful employment experiences, elevating your company as a sought-after employment brand.

The Details:

We surveyed nearly 800 Early In Career (EIC) job and internship seekers as they considered the initial steps on their career path. Before and during their hunt for those foundational roles, candidates seek to learn about potential companies, assess opportunities, and confirm a meaningful self-to-employer connection.  This group of talent wants to feel secure about how much of their identifying details and personal data is being shared throughout the process.

Understanding the attitudes of early job & internship seekers and applying these insights will help your organization improve its talent strategy, outreach messaging, and employment experience.

Download the report now to learn:

  • EIC candidate preferences for career exploration events 
  • Which employment offerings matter most in an internship or first job
  • Why talent communities and Employment Resource Groups are essential to a positive candidate experience
  • How EIC talent uses social media in their opportunity search
  • How to deliver on professional development expectations
  • Whether values have value (spoiler alert: yes!)
  • How candidates expect personal data to be collected and used throughout the recruiting process

Take the first step to hiring your most inclusive intern and new grad class today.

The Early Talent Sentiment Report

Download the report now to learn how to improve interactions with Early In Career candidates.

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