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Moving The Needle On Metrics That Matter

Hey, I’m Kelly.

We all can and must do better to improve access and equity for underrepresented groups. I’ve joined this company because I believe this company can move the needle on metrics that matter.

As a new Chief of Staff and veteran Program Manager, I live for things that can be measured. I am action-oriented and constantly looking to move the needle. Diversity is no different. We all need to better understand our current baseline so we can improve the system, and our product helps companies do just that.

After having the opportunity to work for Big Tech, I’ve seen behind the scenes how recruiting works there and know how the cards are stacked. Talented, skilled people frequently get overlooked due to not having the right university on their resume or people in their network. This is a constant, pervasive problem that reinforces the status quo.

I know this personally. My entrance into Big Tech was in some ways demonstrative of the problems, while simultaneously showing my privilege. I applied for a Program Manager position when I had over 7 years of experience as a Program Manager, but because I was coming from the defense industry I would have been passed over. I lived in DC, not the Bay, I didn’t have the right university on my resume, and ultimately I only got the interview because of who I knew. 

Despite my extremely applicable background and my connections, even after I passed the full day of on-site interviews, I was still told that my background was a big red flag. I was already in tech, just not “Industry Tech”, and so my lack of that specific experience gave them pause. 

I ask: How is anyone supposed to get that experience if no one opens the door to them?

We are here to open the door.

We all can do better and I want to be able to measure that improvement and show it empirically. Diversity is our imperative and the way to build successful, sustaining companies. I truly believe in this mission. Come join me and make a difference.

-Kelly Zeh

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