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A New Beginning, A Refined Mission 

Spoiler alert: We are changing our name from Canvas to Untapped and while we’re sad to let go of a brand we loved, we’re even more inspired by the synergy between our new name and refined mission. 

The decision to rebrand comes on the heels of a set of legal rulings in a trademark suit with another company (different overall industry focus, same name). As a result, we made the decision to part ways with our old name for now and become Untapped.

Though our name has changed, our mission is as bright as ever.

We’re here to make the world more equitable by broadening access to transformative careers.

If you make it to the end of this blog, our hope is that you’ll share in our enthusiasm and revel in the opportunity ahead. 

How We Got Here

In early 2021, our team set out on a journey to expand who we serve. In the spirit of no longer wanting to solely “jumpstart” people’s careers, but also accelerate them, we aimed to find a brand identity that reflected our expanded product promise. We landed on the name “Canvas.”

With our increased focus on more inclusive recruiting for talent of all levels and desire to amplify the voices of the folks doing the work each day, we launched our podcast – Untapped.

After every podcast guest and conversation, three consistent themes emerged: 

  1. Companies continue to embrace talent acquisition practices that reinforce the very representation and inclusion challenges they face.
  2. The “Great Reshuffle” and the recent move toward distributed work provides a unique opportunity to expand the talent landscape. Despite this reality, pools of career-ready talent remain untapped (or under-tapped). 
  3. There is a wealth of folks doing the hard work each day to inject greater equity in the recruiting landscape. These voices need to be amplified and given a platform to have open and frank conversations.

The podcast quickly transformed from casual conversations to a cornerstone of our company voice and culture. So when we received news of the recent court ruling regarding the Canvas trademark, we realized that an opportunity for our next evolution was right in front of us and made the decision to become Untapped.

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, you’ll experience our new name through our platform, podcast, blog posts, website, and social channels. Our team will continue to innovate in the talent space and deepen our connection with communities of untapped candidates and companies looking to make a change. 

Though we didn’t expect to spend January renaming the company, surprise has become gratitude and unexpected change has become a welcomed opportunity to revisit our mission and refine our long-term vision for the company. 

We take pride in this moment to reflect, grow and build greater trust through our new brand identity. We are excited about this next chapter and know this magic is Untapped.

To new beginnings, 
Tariq & Adam, Co-Founders & Co-CEO’s

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