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Let Untapped's Recruiter Analytics Answer All Your Questions

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your entire candidate pool—in real time. 

With Untapped's new Recruiter Analytics product, you have all the data you ever wanted at your fingertips. Not only will you be able to reveal the diversity in your pipeline, and understand the breakdown of your candidate pool, you’ll have the tools to actually do something about it. 

What you can do with Untapped's Recruiter Analytics 

Test, Learn, Measure, Iterate, Optimize

Bird’s eye to laser focus:


For any visualization in Untapped's Recruiter Analytics, you can view your data at an aggregate and all time level, dig into each individual job and event, or select a group of jobs or events to analyze and compare in tandem. Say you ran a summer series of speaker panels and you want to see how they performed as an overall campaign. Simply select the correct events from dropdown and voilà! From there you’ll see the performance of your events at each step, and easily view the breakdown of candidates that your content attracted. 

Understand your pipeline like never before:


When it comes to moving candidates through stages in your pipeline, pinpoint the conversion rate at every point of the funnel. If you think your process has been going smoothly but you’re ultimately still hiring a homogeneous talent pool, use this view to breakdown stats and diversity metrics at each part of the process to find out what’s not working. 

Test out the effectiveness of your messaging:


Candidate response rates can feel like a black box sometimes. You find someone great, or a group of great candidates, and send out a message with your fingers crossed. Instead, why not test out message templates between your jobs and events to easily measure which ones are most effective -- and with whom. Your talent community is diverse, so why would you rely on the same couple of sentences to communicate with everyone?

Double down where you’re seeing success:

Recruiting is a people business, and there will always be an element of trial and error when it comes to uncovering new strategies. By identifying in real time which events or job postings are attracting the candidates you’re looking for, you’ll be able to validate (or disprove) the new tactics you’re testing out as you go, not a year from now. 

Prove your ROI to the Powers That Be

Ever had the higher ups ask for metrics that prove why your team really needs budget, time, or to exist at all? Questions like: are these events really helping us hire? Are those initiatives actually drawing more untapped talent? How do you know? Can you pinpoint what exactly your ROI even is? 

If it feels unrelenting and stressful just to read these questions, we can tell you the experience of trying to answer them is even worse. One of our goals is to make sure our partners are confident, effective, and in control of their pipelines and hiring practices. Data and analytics are at the heart of constantly improving, and these easy to pull, read, and share reports are exactly what you need to get the PTB off your back in minutes flat. 

Do What You Do Best

Recruiting is really an art at heart, but with Analytics you can nail the science behind hiring. Let Untapped's Recruiter Analytics answer all of your previously unanswered questions, so you can spend all of your time applying your expertise, EQ, and strategic skills to building a brighter, more talented, and more diverse future of work. 

Hundreds of company partners are using our platform to connect, source, and engage top underrepresented talent, and even more are already a part of our Communities.


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