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Seamless Virtual Events with Untapped

Create a seamless virtual event experience from start to finish with Untapped.

This week, Untapped hosted a webinar to show recruiters that we can all still be successful at virtual recruiting in our new normal.

Katelyn Amidon, University Recruiting Manager at Lyft and Untapped partner, walked the attendees through her past virtual events strategy and even showed off some of her own Untapped account to give us a glimpse into how the platform can work in the wild.

Afterwards, we went through some challenges recruiters might be facing now, and how Untapped can help meet those needs:

Challenge: You’re virtual now, whether that was the plan…or not

At this point all of the on-campus events, tech talks, info sessions and career fairs you were counting on have been canceled. University Recruiting teams in particular need this interactive time to build a talent brand on campus and cultivate relationships with students.

Untapped's virtual recruiting and online event tools can be used to replace or supplement those in person events right now, or in future when your team starts to see diminishing ROI on sending people directly to campuses all over the country.

Even before you were forced to pivot completely virtual, you knew that you wouldn’t be able to reach every single university in America in person — or even most of them.

How we can help: Untapped allows you to create a seamless online experience, and source your invitation pool from dozens and dozens of campuses. That way you can reach a much larger, and more targeted audience, with fewer resources and person-hours.

Our tools can help you build up brand awareness online, share out the information you need to, and gather info on attendees via our new Custom Forms and Responses tool. If you were already planning a lot of in-person events, you can easily edit an event to be a webinar, keep your RSVPs, and invite even more folks to join. You can also duplicate an online event in order to replicate it for a different audience, or if you need to run it again next week.


Challenge: You’re missing out on face to face time, but still need to make a connection

We’re all feeling it: nothing can replace face time. Building a connection in a sea of students can be hard enough, and now you’re not sure how you’ll manage it at all. But, there can be some upsides to going virtual. Besides being able to reach a larger audience, you can actually get to know a lot about potential candidates by asking the right questions.

How we can help: Untapped's Custom Forms and Responses tool allows you to pose the questions you really need to know, and gives students a chance to slow down and give you thoughtful answers, because they’re responding from their phone or desktop instead of talking, perhaps nervously, face to face.

Challenge: Your spring events season was already well under way when COVID-19 hit

At this point of the year you probably already had a lot planned, and may have already made a lot of progress towards your goals for sourcing, inbound applications, campus visits, and internship program hires.

How we can help: To make sure you don’t lose all the work, Untapped built a few tools specifically to streamline handoffs between team members and to bridge the analog and the digital. Our CSV uploader tool may not sound sexy, but along with our ATS integrations, it will make sure all of your applicants can live under one roof (while socially distanced, of course).

The email customization features and company branding tools will help you keep consistent messaging and design across all your events so students can still recognize you on the platform. With our outbound sourcing tools you can take a look at over a hundred thousand potential candidates you may not have met otherwise, easily filter for the factors most important to your req, and quickly start a conversation.

Finally, when it comes to your candidates, messages, lists, events, and data & analytics breakdowns, Untapped lets you analyze all your info in one place. No need to work across a million programs, hoard spreadsheets, or try to keep track of it all in the old noggin.


Challenge: With everyone at home, it’s even more important (and more difficult) to collaborate

We can’t eat lunch together, grab someone for a quick sync, or mindmeld across the room with strong eye contact. We need to find other ways to work together, without slowing down.

How we can help: After you’ve run your webinar and started making connections with students on the platform, you can set your interest level, add custom tags and leave notes or impressions on the profiles of potential candidates that stood out to you. This info is shared across collaborator accounts so you can gut check with your team on whether to move forward with a candidate without scheduling yet another Zoom call or spending your walk-around-the-block time on the phone with your boss.

Hundreds of company partners are using our platform to connect, source, and engage top underrepresented talent, and even more are already a part of our Communities.

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