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Top Internship Programs of 2022

Internships are a great way to develop talent and lay the groundwork for recruiting exceptional candidates. Here at Untapped, we believe it's important to recognize and highlight notable internship programs that are offering the best hands-on experience and highest quality intern development. 

Searching for an internship can be an overwhelming endeavor. For that reason, we have compiled a list of 75 top internship programs that provide quality experiences, career advancement opportunities, an inclusive and diverse work environment, and significant growth potential. We reviewed each internship program in detail to determine which ones provide the best opportunities for their interns. For this award, we looked specifically for internship programs that are unique, emphasize mentorship and career advancement, have received positive feedback from previous interns, are intentional when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and offer meaningful hands-on work experience. This is not an exhaustive list, and we hope to recognize more internship programs in the future.

How is the Untapped Top 75 Internship Programs List determined? 

We chose the best internship programs based on these four criteria:

1. Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)

  • Fosters inclusive communities and has robust DEI programs
  • Recruits and develops talent from historically underserved groups
  • Partners with colleges and organizations aligned with untapped communities 

2. Equitable and competitive compensation 

  • Provides a compensation package that is structured fairly and equitably
  • Offers competitive pay that is anchored on clearly-defined expectations
  • Commits to compensating every employee appropriately

3. Opportunity for full-time employment and advancement 

  • After completion of the internship, employment opportunities are available on a full-time basis
  • Emphasis on advancement and growth of interns
  • Offers an upward trajectory of an individual's professional journey

4. Professional development, training, and mentorship

  • Commitment to learning and growth
  • Offers world-class mentorship 
  • Supports and guides employees in their work

Are you searching for the best internship programs? Here is a list of the top 75 internship programs in the United States in alphabetical order. 

Top Internship Programs of 2022

Accolade offers a real experience and real opportunity to learn for students. Accolade looks for interns who are motivated to accomplish goals and roll up their sleeves to jumpstart their careers. Their organization takes career development and training seriously. That’s why interns will have the opportunity to job shadow, receive extensive mentoring, undertake comprehensive coaching, and much more. A former business intelligence developer intern shared, “Nothing beats the culture. You have people who can help you grow and contribute to the best of your abilities — that is the best thing about Accolade.”

Interns who are looking to learn, lead and make a difference should look into Aflac’s internship program. Their internship programs offer real-world experience, as interns devote their time to meaningful projects that make a real impact on Aflac’s business. Through exposure to high-ranking executives, interns gain leadership experience as well. The company also provides interns the opportunity to volunteer for charitable causes sponsored by Aflac.

Training, guidance, and mentorship are at the heart of AIG's internship program. Leaders and managers at AIG are committed to the success of their interns and help guide and support them throughout their program. An individual looking to gain practical experience will find the perfect opportunity at AIG. The internship program gives interns an inside look at the company's operations and gives them a chance to solve real-life problems.

Align’s focus and dedication to DEIB is a big appeal to many interns. Their organization is committed to building a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive work environment that values open-mindedness and compassion. All Align internships are paid and run through the summer months, between 10-15 weeks long. 

American Electric Power
Interns gain real-world experience while receiving a competitive salary at American Electric Power (AEP). Their internship program comes with many benefits beyond equitable pay, including paid holidays, a monthly housing allowance, service credit towards vacation and retirement, and a contribution to a 401(k) plan. Diversity initiatives are also a priority for AEP. They offer diversity-related events and employees can connect with other teammates at one of AEP’s many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).  

Applied Materials
The Applied Materials internship is centered around career development and advancement. A global knowledge database, extensive training, and cross-functional teamwork are some of the benefits they provide. A previous intern shared, “Interning at Applied Materials has given me fantastic experience in the field of process engineering. Within my first week, I dove right into hands-on problem solving that could directly impact the company. Even with the steep learning curve I sometimes faced, everyone on my team was available to assist whenever I had questions.”

In AQR's 10-week summer internship program, interns will work on meaningful projects alongside brilliant colleagues. Learning is the cornerstone of their culture and is the foundation for their internship program. One previous intern remarked, “Being able to learn about finance, investing, and business development from such smart caring people was such a phenomenal experience. I was expecting to learn about the corporate world, but I wasn't expecting such GREAT + COOL people!"

Asana is the perfect place for students who want to kick-start their careers with challenging and rewarding work in a supportive work environment. Interns can expect to work on real-world projects, add their own insights and have a direct impact on initiatives. Students currently enrolled in college or university can take part in Asana's 12- to 16-week Engineering, Data Science, and Product Design programs. Their AsanaUP Apprenticeship offers a 6-month full time apprenticeship that creates opportunities for historically underserved individuals and people with non-traditional backgrounds looking to enter tech. Their program is focused on offering mentorship, personal and professional development.

AT&T's internship program is a great opportunity for students who are looking to make an impact, gain professional experience, and receive competitive compensation. They offer an 8-week instructor-led web-based and hands-on training program. Interns gain new experiences and are able to develop and enhance their skills. In addition, AT&T's internship program places a high priority on inclusivity. Interns feel heard and valued thanks to ERGs, a diverse leadership team, and inclusion initiatives.

In Atlassian's internship program, students solve real-world problems and gain experience working with different team members over a 12-week period. Upon graduation, interns are automatically considered for full-time positions. Atlassian’s student internship programs appeal to individuals looking to have an immediate impact. From day one, they will be able to tackle real problems and are considered a core member of the team. 

Bank of America 
Bank of America offers a wide variety of intern programs, so students can find the best one suited for them. This includes apprenticeships, insight programs, summer internships, industrial placements/attachments, and full-time roles. The goal of their 10-week summer internship program is to hire the selected interns into their full-time program once completed. With structured performance evaluations, robust training, and development opportunities, interns get a real taste of what a full-time role could look like in the future. 

Ben & Jerry’s 
In partnership with Howard University, Ben & Jerry’s offers a Justice, equity and Ice cream Fellowship. Diversity hiring is a core component of Ben & Jerry's company, and they are walking the walk when it comes to hiring. With this fellowship they are supporting the next gen pipeline of Black business leaders. Ben & Jerry's sees this program as an opportunity to connect with historically underrepresented MBA students, develop a pipeline of black leaders, and engage with candidates who are passionate about Ben & Jerry's mission and values.

Booz Allen Hamilton
Booz Allen believes that great ideas can come from anyone, so providing everyone with a seat at the table is essential. This applies to their interns as well. For students who want to shift the future and change the world, Booz Allen has that exact appeal. And their organization will support their interns throughout their time at the company with endless opportunities, mentorship, and cross-functional collaboration. 

Bristol Myers Squibb
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) is all about enhancing students' education with their practical 12-week paid internship experience. It is a great opportunity for interns to work on challenging projects, network with industry leaders, and participate in development events. One previous intern shared, “BMS gave me the perfect balance of support and challenge: the open culture made me feel comfortable, and the projects and leaders challenged me to grow intellectually and professionally as I've never expected. Also, the people are a pleasure to work with and I felt respected and valued during my time as an intern.”

A Citadel internship focuses on mentorship and growing their interns. Interns collaborate with senior team members and even their very own CEO, Ken Griffin. Citadel places a high priority on having interns interact with other team members and network with their peers to learn from one another. Citadel employees are empowered by the company's values, which are integrity, winning, meritocracy, learning, and extraordinary colleagues.

Coca-Cola Company
DEI is a very important part of Coca-Cola’s culture. They have three long-term commitments when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion: mirror their markets, equity for all, and inclusivity. They aspire for their workforce to mirror their market, with the goal to have women hold 50% of senior leadership roles at the company by 2030. In order to eliminate biases and inequities, Coca-Cola will continue to review its business, human rights, and employment policies and practices. To create an inclusive culture, they have inclusion networks that empower change and connect employees. 

Comcast NBCUniversal
The 11-week internship program at Comcast NBCUniversal is designed to help students build meaningful relationships, develop business skills, and gain insight into the daily workings of a Fortune 40 media and tech company. This internship program was tailored for students who are looking for exceptional training. They will have access to a variety of mentoring and networking opportunities, as well as thought-provoking projects.

Conagra Brands
Each Conagra intern leaves with a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience. Interns are challenged to work on real-life projects and to develop and enhance their skills. Through networking events and exposure to senior leadership, students get to experience a truly  meaningful collaboration. Conagra internships are designed to lead to a full-time career path. If that isn’t good enough, Conagra offers competitive pay, relocation stipend, matching 401(k), and a stock purchase plan.  

Credit Karma
Credit Karma is no stranger to creating impactful internship programs that help interns gain professional growth and experience. Their one-on-one mentoring helps students build their skill set, ask questions and receive valuable guidance. And if an intern is looking to network and learn from their peers, they can join in team-building events, lunches, and activities. Credit Karma has also worked hard at creating an inclusive and diverse work environment. Interns can be sure their unique background and experience will be celebrated at Credit Karma. 

CrowdStrike's internship program offers college students the opportunity to gain real-world experience and enhance valuable skills through collaboration and teamwork. Their program is built on mentorship. In addition to one-on-one mentoring, each intern will have the opportunity to hear from senior executives through a speaker series. CrowdStrike offers many benefits to students, from fun social activities to volunteer opportunities to holiday pay and a 401k program. 

In Cruise's internship program, mentoring and career development play a big role. Cruisers are provided with opportunities for hands-on experience, solving real problems and presenting their work at weekly demos. Interns gain vast knowledge by learning from their dedicated mentors. From the beginning, Cruisers are matched with a manager and mentor to provide support and guidance. Cruise says its intern program is ideal for individuals who are both a dreamer and a doer.

Dick's Sporting Goods
Dick's Sporting Goods caters to interns who are looking for a company that is socially responsible and gives back to the community. During their 11-week summer internship program, interns undertake valuable projects where they see tangible results and how they contribute to the company's success. They offer a variety of training programs with professional development workshops and growth opportunities. 

Students apply to DocuSign's internship program because they know they will receive superior training and mentoring. This internship lasts 12 weeks and enables individuals to work collaboratively to accomplish their goals, working cross-functionally with their mentor and key stakeholders. Interns are fully supported with dedicated slack channels, recruiter check-ins, career coaching, career panels, presentations, event lunches and activities, and stipends for technology. And for interns looking to give back to their community, DocuSign offers three days of paid volunteer time-off, company-wide days of service, pro bono volunteer trips abroad for active IMPACT contributors, in-kind product donations for small community-based nonprofits, and matching gifts (up to $5k annually) for employee donations to qualifying nonprofits. 

Interns have the opportunity to develop, maintain, and ship products during DoorDash's 12-week internship program. By solving real problems, interns walk away from their experience having made a real impact on DoorDash’s business and feeling completely immersed in their teams. Mentorship is DoorDash’s big appeal. Interns are supported by a mentor, have the ability to attend events to connect with other interns, and learn from company leaders. Many interns find themselves with full-time employment opportunities at the end of their program. 

Students can make an impactful contribution through an internship with DraftKings. Interns walk away from their experience at DraftKings feeling as if they truly made a valuable difference on the business objectives. Training, tools, and support are provided to individuals so they can be effective in their role, and a mentor assists them throughout the process. Furthermore, DraftKings offers fantastic career advancement opportunities for interns who want to join the company in the long run.

Duolingo is known for its commitment to DEIB. They have a 10-week summer internship program, called Thrive, that offers second-year students from underserved communities the ability to sharpen their technical skills while gaining valuable experience at Duolingo. Their paid summer internships will not only give interns a glimpse into what it’s like to work at Duolingo, but interns will get the chance to work with mentors on each project they are involved in to help develop their skills. 

Interns who are eager to kickstart their career often turn to eBay’s internship program. Students are able to learn and grow at eBay with the many networking and development opportunities, and access to leadership. eBay is focused on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Their YES! program is a community for the young and young-at-heart looking to energize culture and spark innovation within eBay while developing their careers—or helping others develop theirs. 

Electronic Arts
An internship with Electronic Arts (EA) will offer students the opportunity to do real work, make real connections and reach their real potential. EA interns will not be working on “intern projects”. Rather, they will find themselves working on important and impactful projects, while gaining a wealth of knowledge. EA is a great place to intern if you are looking to make a real contribution to the company. Oftentimes, interns who complete the program find themselves with a full-time employment offer. 

A number of students are hired each summer across seven Exelon businesses for the company's 10-week internship program. Education, career advancement, networking, and project-based learning are at the core of their internship program. Exelon provides each intern with the tools and resources to build a successful career. A competitive base salary, incentives, and health and retirement benefits are all part of their program to attract students.

FedEx’s 10-week summer intern program is the place to gain real-world work experience. They offer a comprehensive career development program by having interns attend a variety of educational events, networking opportunities, speaker series, service projects, as well as the opportunity to tour major company facilities. In addition to receiving training from their department managers, interns also receive support from their peers and staff members. 

The two main reasons interns love Figma are their commitment to DEIB and the mentorship support available. Interns are immediately paired with an onboarding buddy who will help them get started, offer support along the way, and provide guidance and feedback to foster development and growth. One Figmate shared their previous experience, stating, “My mentors have enabled me to push my designs further, be confident in my work, and be proactive about what I do in my time here.” 

The internship program at FIS Global will give interns a competitive edge after graduation when applying for jobs. Through their training, interns learn from expert team members and are prepared to take on big responsibilities that will impact the organization. They offer weekly training webinars, intern group challenges, and local networking opportunities with executives. In the words of a previous intern, “The FIS Global internship program has presented unparalleled opportunities to accelerate my career. Each day, I am excited to pursue new challenges and grow my knowledge on topics I never thought I would learn about.”

Gap Inc
A Gap internship offers interns the perfect opportunity to figure out what career path they want to pursue. With Gap's 9 to 10-week internship program, interns gain hands-on experience across Gap brands and functions. The program is also offered to many different levels: undergraduate, MBA, Master’s, and Ph.D. students. For the interns that meet their goals, Gap hopes to turn them into lifelong employees after their internship program.

Garmin International
Garmin interns gain hands-on experience and quickly learn professional skills during their time at Garmin. While at Garmin, students receive valuable industry experience and enjoy these benefits: paid time off, paid housing, extensive mentorship, invitations to social events, Garmin product discount, volunteer activities and opportunities, access to interest groups and clubs, and more. According to a former intern, “The Garmin internship program helps you gain relevant experience and prepares you for the transition from student to full-time associate. My mentor helped me get the most out of my internship.”

Grant Thornton LLP
Grant Thornton's internship program motto is, "You're more than an intern here." It appears that the motto lives up to its promise. Grant Thornton internships provide interns with the opportunity to develop real-world skills, receive multi-level coaching with buddies, coaches, and mentors, and participate in social activities, leadership development workshops, and community service projects. In the words of one former intern, “I literally learned something every day. I was challenged and it forced me to grow.”

HashiCorp is driven by its people and culture, and it shows in its efforts to DEIB within its org. They are seeking a diverse pool of interns for their internship program, making sure to recruit from a wide variety of educational institutions. As HashiCorp previously stated, “In recruiting, we often find that the best candidates do not necessarily come from top-tier universities or companies, but from diverse backgrounds and experiences.” HashiCorp internship program shines in career development as well. In addition to participating in product certification programs, interns work on projects that can be added to their portfolios. 

HubSpot is an excellent internship opportunity for students who want to learn something new every day. The HubSpot internship program is a 10-week learning opportunity that helps students gain practical skills and work experience. In HubSpot's view, interns are treated largely the same as any other full-time employee. Interns make a real contribution because they are working on real projects that impact the company’s bottom line. But they don’t just throw each intern into the deep end without any support. Interns are provided with a mentor, a team, and a handful of other connections that will enable them to grow and succeed.

Humana's internship program is designed to lead to full-time employment after graduation. Undergrad internships are offered through three programs, and numerous needs-based internships are available throughout the year. In terms of internship programs, Humana is a great choice for students who are looking to gain practical experience. Humana's biggest appeal is that interns work on real-world projects that have a direct impact on the business.

JM Smucker Company
Smucker internships will help students stand out after graduation. The three foundations of their internship program are learning, growing, and leading. Students are able to grow as individuals in their supportive environment because they are treated like real employees. In addition to hands-on training, they receive excellent mentorship and the opportunity to collaborate with peers and leaders at Smuckers. And lastly, individuals are able to lead by bringing their expertise to high-profile projects that support the company's bottom line. 

Kensho’s internship program is great for individuals interested in exploring their careers. The interns at Kensho will have the opportunity to work with colleagues who have diverse perspectives, solve problems together, and get a taste of what startups are like (with great resources). Kensho makes sure that their interns don’t just feel like a number at their organization. This company's culture is founded on a bias for action, collaboration, trust, forward-thinking, and continual learning.

Levi Strauss & Co.
Levi Strauss & Co is looking for the next generation of originals. Levi Strauss & Co is an excellent option for students seeking an impactful paid internship that could lead to a full-time job after. Interns have the ability to really learn during their time as they get to shadow a team related to their interest, work on individual projects, collaborate on a group intern project, partake in numerous work events, and interact directly with company leaders.  

Lumen Technologies
Lumen’s internship program offers experience with real-world projects and rewarding collaboration. Along with challenging and meaningful work, interns benefit from exceptional mentorship from a leader in their respective fields. During their 10 week internship, students also get the chance to participate in career advancement workshops, volunteer opportunities, and partake in numerous social activities.

Lyft makes sure their interns feel welcomed into their friendly and inclusive culture by offering regular lunch and learns with executives. Lyft’s internship program also places emphasis on mentorship, by deliberately making the cohorts small, so everyone can get hands-on experience and the opportunity to work with and learn from a mentor. 

The MassMutual internship program allows interns to try out a career, gain experience, and acquire essential skills. There is no better place for interns looking for a supportive and collaborative environment. Moreover, MassMutual offers mentorship, presentation material, software, and networking opportunities to help them succeed.

Mattel's internship program shines with its mentorship opportunities. To help interns best utilize their time, each intern is paired up with a mentor and a buddy. The intern’s mentor acts as a sounding board as they manage their projects, answer any and all questions the intern might have and connect them with the right people at Mattel to make the most of their experience. In addition to mentoring, Mattel offers outstanding career advancement and development opportunities.

McKesson offers internships to students who are interested in shaping the future of healthcare. Interns at McKesson's internship program will gain valuable training. They work hand in hand with their senior leaders through McKesson’s mentoring and coaching programs. Being able to collaborate with other interns and employees from around the world is a huge perk for interns. And for those individuals who are looking for full-time employment after graduation, McKesson often offers full-time positions to their interns. 

For future interns looking for outstanding mentorship, look no further. MongoDB excels in this area, matching each of its interns with 1-2 mentors, who supervise their work and help them learn and grow along the way. MongoDB puts an emphasis on their interns gaining practical experience. Interns can expect to work directly on projects that will be used by thousands of developers and organizations around the world. 

Navy Federal Credit Union
Who doesn't like perks? There’s no shortage of benefits for interns at Navy Federal. Their company offers competitive pay, a membership to the credit union, a variety of roles within almost every department, access to various on-site facilities,  fun team-building activities, and discounts for entertainment tickets. In addition to its 10-week summer internship program, Navy Federal also offers year-round internships, which are ideal for students who need a more flexible schedule. 

Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual is a good place for interns who are looking to jumpstart their careers. This company is known for the quality of its internship program. This isn’t your typical internship program. Interns work on real projects while earning performance-based compensation. More than 52,000 students have participated in their internship program over the last 50 years. As reported by Northwestern Mutual, 98% of interns reported that the internship program was useful and beneficial to their future careers. 

Paramount’s internship program has a variety of departments to pick from. Whatever a student is interested in, they have a department internship program for it. Students can kick start their career in TV and media by gaining exposure to Paramount’s business, making valuable connections, and gaining real-world experience. Beyond mentorship, interns get to attend speaker sessions, career advancement workshops, and exposure to top industry decision-makers. 

PayPal’s 12-week internship program is designed to help students grow and build community, all while still having fun. In addition, interns have the opportunity to contribute directly to projects supporting PayPal's strategic priorities. Interns are connected with their peers and leaders as part of a comprehensive learning and development program. To fuel intern growth, PayPal offers executive speakers, tech talks, and product series, and a chance for interns to showcase their projects to various teams. 

Calling all interns who want to put their career in hyper-growth mode - Pinterest offers an internship program for just that. Pinterest's internship careers page highlights how interns often stay at Pinterest past their internship (many are now in senior roles). Whether it’s gaining foundational experience, breaking down complex problems, or collaborating with other Pinployees, a Pinterest internship has a lot to offer. 

Plaid’s Plinterns can expect to join a company that is committed to DEIB with their D&I Lighting Talks series and the ability to connect about things that truly matter to them most. Interns can expect a great mentoring experience, with growth development plans, fireside chats, and external speaker series. Upon being asked what their favorite part of the internship was, one intern replied, "There are so many options to choose from.". I really enjoy Zach Perret's, Plaid's CEO, weekly Q&As, and the coffee culture program, which sets up weekly informal conversations with different pillars of the business.”

Procter & Gamble
An internship at P&G opens the door to a long-term career. Students get the opportunity to build global databases, establish meaningful relationships with customers and teammates, help with multimillion-dollar projects and campaigns, and much more. P&G places a high value on career development and advancement, offering exceptional mentorship, coaching, best-in-class learning platforms, and numerous resources to help interns improve their skills. Interns also have the chance to work on challenging projects with senior executives, receive competitive compensation, and establish lasting connections with fellow interns are just a few of the perks. 

For students looking for a great opportunity, Quantcast is an ideal choice for an internship program. In the program, students will have the opportunity to work on projects that will have a real impact on the company as a whole. Quantcast's mentorship program offers a manager as well as a host of team members to assist students who need support. Even better, interns will get a chance to learn from executive speaker series, undergo an impressive onboarding experience, attend intern and company events, happy hours, hackathons and regular feedback syncs, and more. 

Samsung Research America
Samsung Research America's internship program helps equip interns for rewarding and fulfilling careers. They view interns as future leaders, so they make sure they offer a supportive and empowering environment. Samsung Research America is no stranger to DEIB. Their interns can join their Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as honorary members during their time at the company. In addition, interns participate in Day of Service, which allows them to give back to their communities.

As an intern at SAP, you will earn a competitive income while also gaining valuable business and technology skills. Many of their interns land a full-time role after they complete their program—3,185 interns were hired globally in 2020. With cross-collaboration, working on projects that make a direct impact on the business, interns will learn an immense amount during their time at SAP. The biggest selling point for interns is that they get to run real campaigns that impact the bottom line, work on some of the latest products, and meet some of the best talent in the world.

The Slack internship program is built around interns doing their best work. When accepting an internship with Slack, students can expect to be immersed in an environment that values curiosity and creativity. They offer 12 or 16 week technical and non-technical intern programs where interns will spend their time collaborating with teammates on real projects. Rather than an "internship", this is a real-time job that will give students a real taste of what working at Asana is like. Asana looks to hire interns from historically untapped backgrounds. They partner with organizations like Code2040, YearUp and Rewriting the Code to find qualified interns that are looking to make a real impact. 

Sonoco is an excellent place for students seeking a long-term career that begins with an internship. And the proof is in the pudding, with 21% of their leadership team coming from their intern or training program. Their 12-week internship program is meant to give an inside look into working at Sonoco, similar to what it is like for a full-time associate. They help interns with relocation and housing costs, as they know a student’s budget can be smaller. In addition, they provide interns with opportunities to be involved in Diversity & Unity groups and other activities throughout their internship.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines takes pride in its DEIB work and is committed to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion within its organization. Their internship program has been designed around the importance of having a program that embraces and celebrates the differences of interns. Southwest Airlines fosters a culture of innovation, teamwork, and training. Training and development are key areas for their internship program, as interns get to hear from senior leaders, attend professional development classes, learn from their mentors and engage in career exploration conversations. 

Spotify's internship program is music to a student's ears because it is anything but conventional. Students can anticipate being able to work closely with passionate team members on impactful projects. They offer a variety of programs to suit any need, summer internships, thesis internships, mentorship programs, and co-ops, you name it. Previous Spotify interns have rave reviews. Don’t take our word for it, one former intern shared, ‘What surprised me most about my internship was how much responsibility I was given and how much I was able to influence the work.”

Texas Instruments
TI interns are able to take initiative with projects from day one, which helps them make the most of their experience. TI provides students with real-world experience and opportunities to make a lasting impact. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what their employees have to say. “90% of their employees say their jobs provide them with interesting and challenging work. 90% say they are proud to work at TI. And 90% say they are proud to work at TI.”

The Clorox Company
Clorox makes DEIB a core part of their internship program. They are the first to say they know individuals don’t need a degree to succeed. They are looking to hire untapped talent and their organization celebrates underserved backgrounds and experiences. Clorox focuses on building a culture of respect, where interns and employees feel valued and appreciated. During the 10-week summer internship program, interns are assigned relevant work assignments designed to impact the business and prepare them for a career at Clorox.

The Hershey Company
The Hershey Company offers the “sweetest” internship where students learn an extensive amount and level up their skills during their time. Their internship program is rooted in exposing—exposure to meaningful projects and work, cross-functional collaboration, leadership members, and professional development opportunities. Interns at The Hershey Company are treated like real employees, so the work they do makes a real impact. According to their organization, “100% of students who have gone through the program would recommend it to a friend.”

The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk offers a meaningful and impactful internship program where interns walk away with hands-on training and an innovative experience. Not only will their interns connect with global during their time, but they will also have a mentor throughout their program to help guide and support them. The Trade Desk has a wide range of benefits and perks that will also be sure to get the attention of any incoming intern. 

Traveler's internship program attracts many students because it offers valuable experience and career opportunities. Interns get an exceptional experience that includes networking with leadership, hands-on business experience, challenging projects, team outings, creating life-long relationships with other interns, seminars and social activities, career development workshops, volunteering, competitive pay, and mentorship. The best part is that many interns receive the opportunity to move to a full-time program once their internship is complete.

Trimble is focused on helping students live up to their potential and grow professionally with their internship program. “Learn while doing actual work” is their motto. Beyond that, there is a big emphasis on creating a supportive environment for students entering the workforce. Students in their final year of a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree can apply for their internship, which can range from a few months to a year. Interns will not only acquire new skills, engage with emerging technologies, and explore different industries, but also work on meaningful and impactful projects.

The internship program at TuSimple offers valuable mentorship opportunities for students to develop and grow. Interns benefit from a close working relationship with their managers and mentors, who are specifically trained to enrich their experience. TuSimple offers interns a supportive environment where they can develop their skills quickly while receiving real-time feedback. 

Veritas Technologies
Career development is something Veritas takes very seriously when it comes to its internship program. They put a high priority on career advancement and growth at their company. Providing a supportive environment is a key focus of Veritas. Interns are able to interact with executives and take part in a variety of fun and educational activities.

The internship program at Verizon is built around career development. While interning at Verizon, students gain a thorough understanding of the company's operations by working on high-impact projects from the very beginning. Additionally, Verizon cares deeply about diversity within their organization and knows it’s how they achieve success. One previous intern shared, “I joined the Verizon team because of the highly diverse and inclusive environment Verizon provides to inspire innovation and success across the world!”

The ViaSat internship program gives students the chance to develop, grow, and demonstrate their skill set while getting a taste of ViaSat's culture. ViaSat and past interns have described the intern program as challenging, fun, impactful, and rewarding. ViaSat appeals to students who want to make a real impact and work on significant projects, while also receiving competitive pay. Getting a full-time position after interning is extremely feasible, as many of their current employees began as interns.

WarnerMedia doesn’t just offer an ordinary internship program. Students join their program knowing they will be working with the best teammates and smartest minds in the industry. Interns have the opportunity to get an inside look at a variety of business units and develop relationships and lifelong connections. As one previous intern described, “Through my internship, my superior supervisor (who I now consider to be a lifelong mentor) and colleagues, I have improved on and developed a plethora of skills which can be transferred to not only future opportunities but life! I couldn’t imagine having a better supervisor during this experience.”

Wellington Management
Wellington Management's internship program is leading the way when it comes to DEIB, as one of its main focuses is recruiting underrepresented groups into investment management through their internship program. Wellington Management doesn’t just stop there. They are committed to helping their interns succeed by offering mentorship and the ability to work closely on projects with senior members of the team.  

Students who are passionate about leveraging the power of new technologies to lead the digital transformation of water and creating social impact should look into Xylem’s internship program. Xylem is devoted to developing and empowering the next generation of water and sustainability leaders, starting with interns first. Interns focus their time working on in-depth projects and are able to showcase their work and accomplishments, with the goal of landing a full-time position after they graduate. 

Zayo Group
Zayo's competitive 10-week summer internship program offers students the ability to make a real difference in their global organization, all while earning competitive pay and benefits. Zayo’s objective is to offer a full-time role to exceptional interns. They are seeking untapped candidates, as they are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. Their numbers speak for themselves: 39% diversity, 83% job placement success rate, 16 school partnerships, and 44% women.

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