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Why Hiring Early Talent Is Key to Any Recruitment Strategy

Today we have a multigenerational workforce made up of talent from the Baby Boomer generation down to Generation Z—which in and of itself, makes the workplace much more dynamic and diverse than ever before. Still companies may tend to focus on recruiting older employees rather than taking a chance on younger talent. While older generations in the workplace bring years of experience and wisdom with them, when it comes to having a successful and well-rounded recruitment strategy, hiring early talent is key. The following are some reasons early talent hiring should not be overlooked in your recruitment strategy because you’ll be missing out on the value young professionals bring to organizations. 

1. Technology Expertise

Early talent has been adept at technology their entire lives, so not only are they going to be familiar with the cutting-edge tools your workplace may have adopted, they’re also in a position to introduce you to new products on the market to help you stay up to date. In addition, these workers are able to teach their older colleagues how to use the latest technologies, and since they enjoy collaboration, they have no problem bringing everyone up to speed on what they already know. 

And of course, when looking for early talent, you have to remember recruiting best practices by considering what these candidates want in an employer. In the case of early in career hiring, it’s important to keep in mind that this talent is interested in working for companies that are continuously abreast of the latest technologies. In fact, younger generations embrace technology so much that they’ll judge companies based on tools the organization is using. According to a survey by Dell Technologies, 91 percent of young professionals will actually weigh the technology available at companies when evaluating job offers.

2. Diversity

If you're trying to reach the goals of your diversity recruitment plan, then look no further than early talent to help you get where you want to go. Millennials and Generation Z are much more diverse than their older counterparts, so focusing on early talent hiring will go a long way toward increasing the diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

Also, it's important to remember that if you're trying to increase your early talent hiring, diversity is going to be a huge piece of that puzzle. Since younger generations are so diverse, they factor it in when considering job options, so if you're not already embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace, you may lose out on the great talent you want. If you have a diverse workforce, be sure to make that part of your employer branding by showcasing it every chance you get. If you’re early in your DEI journey and don’t really have a diverse workforce yet, be sure to let young professionals know what your DEI goals are and how you want to provide opportunities for underserved communities to increase their representation in your company. 

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3. Ambition 

Young professionals may come to the workplace with little experience, but they have more than enough drive to make up for it. When you hire these professionals, you can expect them to be eager to learn and willing to take steps to add to their skill sets—whether that means upskilling through online learning platforms, seminars, and even higher-level degree programs. And if your organization is willing to provide opportunities that help young professionals learn and grow, that's even better since it's something they want in an employer. For example, a survey of Gen Z employees and interns conducted by ServiceNow found that opportunities for growth are extremely important to 37 percent of this talent.

4. Autonomous Work

Although Gen Z workers do enjoy collaborating in teams, they’re also used to working independently, so they can take direction and complete tasks with little supervision. Remember that this generation has been immersed in a culture of side hustles for years, and have developed an entrepreneurial spirit that allows them to take the initiative on projects to get them done efficiently and effectively.

5. Strong Values

Early career talent is key for a successful recruitment strategy because they come in with strong values that can help boost your company's culture. Young professionals want to work for organizations that care about the issues that are important to them, such as diversity and inclusion, so having them in your workplace can revitalize the culture and help everyone get a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Whether they inspire colleagues to learn about other cultures or get involved in volunteer activities, young professionals bring values to organizations that can contribute to the betterment of everyone in the workplace.

In order for your recruitment strategy to be successful at bringing in the best workers, it's important to make early talent part of your efforts. What this group of candidates lacks in work experience they more than make up for in skills and values, which can help enhance your employer brand and attract the best talent of any age.

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