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Why I Left D&I to Join Untapped and Amplify D&I

I'm Tariq, nice to meet you. 

After 6 years working in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion specific roles, many may wonder why I transitioned to Untapped as the Vice President of Strategy. The answer isn’t simple, but it is clear: I have a vision for what we can accomplish together as a community, and I want to invite you on this journey with me to close the opportunity gap for those who have been pulling at their bootstraps for far too long. 

Why I Left D&I 

My time as an in-house D&I leader in the public, private and non-profit sectors gave me an inside look at the challenges institutions face in finding, engaging, hiring and advancing talent of all backgrounds in an equitable and just way. Over the years, I’ve learned that recruiting as we know it isn’t a fair process. Though we may wish it were the case, recruiting as an industry does not embrace everyone from every background equally. While many of us like to believe we’re providing equality of opportunity, the reality is that some folks have to overcome tremendous obstacles just to connect and engage with the companies of their dreams—a journey they navigate well before they ever enter the formal talent process. The spoiler? These folks are equally qualified. 

COVID-19 only accelerated the widening of this opportunity gap as unemployment and feelings of uncertainty transformed our world; communities of color have been disparately impacted by the effects of the virus on employment status here in the U.S. If that wasn’t enough, Black Americans face a second, but all too familiar pandemic: the battle for racial justice. 

With conversations about inclusion re-emerging and the market quickly becoming saturated with new DEI roles every day, I had to find a platform that shared my vision for the world and one that enabled other leaders to do their best work. One that was deeply committed to helping candidates find the career of their dreams and companies find their dream candidate. That’s when I found Untapped. 

Why Untapped 

Untapped's mission is to make recruiting fair for all. I’m on this journey because we share a vision of a world where what an individual imagines for themselves is within reach. A world where the same dreams we had as kids aren’t seen as audacious or unattainable because of where we’ve come from, but possible because of where we are capable of going. A talent community where we’re not just seen and valued by where we’ve been or where we’ve worked, but one where we are embraced and valued for who we are and how we exercise our greatest gifts. 

If you’re ready to do what needs to be done to find who needs to be found, the Untapped platform is for you. 

If you know that underrepresented communities are more than just numbers on a DEI report and are ready to engage them through virtual experiences, give us a try

If you’re a candidate looking to build the career of your dreams with companies looking to grow with you, create an Untapped profile

If you’re ready to create a seismic shift in the talent community and make recruiting fair for all, then you’ve found the right place. Join us, we’re just getting started. 

Hundreds of company partners are using our platform to connect, source, and engage top underrepresented talent, and even more are already a part of our Communities.

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