Uncovering the Gen Z Mindset: Untapped's Talent Sentiment Report

Discover key insights and strategies to attract, engage, and retain the next generation of top talent.

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Recruiting in Uncertain Times

TL;DR: Uncover the secrets to captivating and retaining Gen Z talent, as revealed by Gen Z themselves. Plus, learn from companies who are getting it right when it comes to appealing to Gen Z Talent.

The Details:

Our comprehensive study delves into the attitudes and expectations of nearly 2,000 Gen Z respondents, focusing on interns and fist time jobbers. Discover key insights and strategies to refine your talent acquisition approach and elevate your company as a sought-after employment brand.

Gain valuable knowledge on:

  • The most critical elements Gen Z considers when assessing a potential job opportunity
  • Winning strategies to captivate early talent during the job search
  • Gen Z's preferred communication channels
  • Identifying and eliminating unnecessary barriers in the job search process
  • Top reasons behind Gen Z's decision to renege on job offers
  • Essential components of workplace wellness that truly matter
  • The core aspects of DEIB that make a genuine difference
Equip your organization with the essential tools to attract, engage, and retain top Gen Z talent by understanding their unique perspectives and priorities.

Uncovering the Gen Z Mindset: Insights from Untapped's Talent Sentiment Report

Download this report to discover the key to winning over Gen Z talent.

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