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5 Recruiting Event Ideas That Will Excite and Attract Early Talent

Although other hiring activities can lead to finding great hires, nothing can compare to organizing recruitment events when you're trying to attract early talent. Being able to shake hands with candidates and look them in the eye at a campus event can go a long way toward promoting your employer brand and creating a rapport that just doesn't compare to other recruitment channels. In addition, events can really boost early in career hiring because Generation Z candidates do enjoy those face-to-face interactions and prefer to apply for positions after they've met recruiters at an event.

As a result, organizing events should be a part of your Gen Z hiring strategy. But you want to keep things interesting so students will show up, stay engaged, and get excited about the possibility of working at your company. The following are five recruiting event ideas you can use to attract early talent and leave a long-lasting impression that will keep the job applications pouring in.

1. Career Fairs

Career fairs on campus can do wonders for your employer brand as you collect information about potential candidates to make the early talent hiring process smoother. To ensure that you're able to get as many attendees as possible, it's a good idea to host both in-person and virtual events. In addition to career fairs held at a single college, you can participate in events organized by groups of schools in a specific geographic location, or take a more targeted approach by hosting events at specific colleges within a university.

2. Education Events

Education events can help show that you’re interested in the success of the early career talent you're trying to attract—even before they’ve applied for a position. Organizing hands-on workshops that teach valuable skills—which can be related to your specific industry or general job search skills—gives students valuable information and creates a positive impression about your business. Also, you can hold company-related information sessions that allow students to learn more about what the organization does, as well as get to know the staff members they may be working with one day.

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3. Diversity Events 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is very important to early career talent. Generation Z is the most diverse generation in the workforce today, so they’re particularly connected to diversity issues. People from diverse communities and their allies alike consider diversity when deciding on job offers, so organizing events related to DEI is a good idea. For example, partnering with campus groups that cater to specific demographics, as well as community-based organizations created for underserved people, can ensure that your event lets young professionals know your company values diversity. You can also organize information sessions to show off your DEI achievements and let staff members from diverse communities talk about what their experience has been like at your company.

4. Informal Events

As important as it is to have more formal events, it's also a good idea to organize some informal events where students can let their hair down a little and be themselves. For example, friendly competitions like hackathons and trivia contests allow students to show off their skills and knowledge in a playful, low-pressure, enjoyable environment. 

5. New Hire Events

Businesses may think that after they've hired entry-level workers or interns, there's no need to continue engaging with them at events. After all, the offer has been accepted, so there’s no more work to do, right? The fact is, the longer the amount of time between acceptance and the start date, the more chances there will be for other opportunities to arise. In order to reduce reneges, you want to keep students engaged and events are a great way to do it. Things like fitness classes, game nights, or potluck dinners can make new hires feel valued and welcomed, and give them the opportunity to get to know each other better. And if current staff can get involved, it’s even more impactful because new hires can become integrated into your company culture.

These recruiting event ideas are good ways to get to know students in a more personal way and make it more likely that you can attract early talent. This can make early in career hiring that much easier as you strengthen your employer brand by providing experiences students enjoy.

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