Diversity Recruiting Platform™ (DRP)

Helping you build diverse teams, without all of the guesswork.

What is it exactly?

A Diversity Recruiting Platform lets recruiters analyze their hiring funnel in unprecedented detail.

With self-reported diversity data (race, gender, veteran status, ethnicity, etc.) a DRP gives recruiters a clearer view of their representation gaps and the tools they need to fix those gaps. For even greater effectiveness, a DRP integrates with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help talent teams discover, attract, engage and hire underrepresented talent and track their diversity initiatives.
Diversity data trackingDiversity data tracking
Role analytics.Role analytics.

Reporting, tracking, and demonstrating ROI on diversity initiatives has never been easier.

Talent leaders can view analytics across numerous interview stages like phone screens, technical interviews, or on-site interviews to learn who enters their pipeline, which applicants progress in the process, and who they end up hiring — ultimately allowing managers to identify bias in their hiring process.

Stop guessing. Start hitting your DE&I goals.

4 Key benefits of using a
Diversity Recruiting Platform:

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Increase the effectiveness of diversity hiring initiatives at your company
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Remove unconscious bias from the hiring process
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Track diversity hiring goals at the role level, team level, and company level and easily demonstrate progress
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Hire with confidence. Remove the guesswork out of hiring and build more diverse teams
Hiring data - Pipeline conversionsHiring data - Pipeline conversions

Taking a data-brave approach

By taking a data brave approach companies are finally committing to a result they can measure and track. By setting specific and concrete goals, companies can better focus their hiring efforts and achieve greater results for their DE&I initiatives, faster.

Who should use a DRP?

DRPs are a necessary tool for companies that embrace diversity and a data-driven approach. If you want to build a representative top of funnel, understand the diversity data of your pipeline, engage historically overlooked candidates in an authentic way, build an inclusive employer brand, or measure the efficacy and ROI of your DEIB efforts, you should use a DRP.

While some solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) to infer candidates’ gender and ethnicity, Our platform relies on 100% self-reported data from candidates. This way, instead of confining candidates into predetermined checkboxes and guesstimating who they are, companies are able to empower candidates to bring their whole self to the workplace starting with the hiring process.
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What recruiting looks like with a DRP

Testimonial author profile
Kristen Dauler
“We spend 90% of our time on their software versus our ATS as it gives us so much more candidate information to work off of. We also send candidate profiles and information to hiring managers, who help assess talent and source directly on their platform. Now, our hiring managers are all asking for seats on their platform instead of being in Lever.”
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Testimonial author profile
Katelyn Amidon
“I love how I can connect with candidates before events and source for talent I might have missed. It's powerful to be able to see candidates beyond their resume and really make meaningful connections.”
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Testimonial author profile
Emily Cardner
“Their platform has changed the way we recruit because we’re now able to source on inbounds based on different skill sets, ethnicity, gender, interests, year in school, location preference—all different things that we can filter on now. This allows us to be much more strategic with our time.”
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